For the second consecutive year, Liquitex, a world reference brand in professional acrylic, joins Art Madrid as a sponsor, and in its desire to empower the artist and support contemporary creation, it will award a prize in material from the brand valued at €1,000 that will be granted to one of the artists participating in the fair who work with acrylic in their pieces.

The Award decision will take place on February 14 and will be communicated through our Instagram channel. To choose the winner on this occasion, they are consulting with the public through this online form in which they can vote for one of the three finalists pre-selected by the brand: Moisés Yagües, Lino Lago, or Daniel Sueiras. They will also raffle off a set of Liquitex products and tickets to our fair to encourage public voting.

Learn more about the brand and its actions as part of its commitment to the environment and the artistic community:

At Liquitex, they believe in the power of artistic expression to create a better world where artists and communities can thrive: a world where more is given back than received and social and environmental value is created.

They realize that change can be challenging, but they take immediate action to make their vision a reality. Empowering the community, innovating across all of its products and packaging, and integrating sustainability into each of its practices, maintaining the high-quality product offering artists expect, and collectively leaving a more positive footprint for everyone's future.


Desde Liquitex confían firmemente en la fórmula “empowering artists” como la mejor forma de conseguir sus objetivos, asegurando un mundo en el que las futuras generaciones puedan crear con garantías, dando prioridad a los espacios seguros From Liquitex, they firmly trust the formula "empowering artists" as the best way to achieve their objectives, ensuring a world in which future generations can create with guarantees, prioritizing safe spaces for artistic expression. In addition, they base this empowerment of emerging talents on their residency programs and the different prizes they award.


Another fundamental pillar to understand the Liquitex brand is its continuous effort to provide safe artistic materials, certified by the Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc., seeking to safeguard the safety of artists, as well as innovation to achieve a more positive impact on the environment. From the packaging to the product's composition, Liquitex is fully committed to betting on sustainable and innovative solutions that maintain the quality and performance of the product, leaving no trace other than that of the paint in our hands.

The progress hasn't stopped since 2017, with the introduction of cadmium-free Heavy Body colors, the first cadmium alternative with truly equivalent performance to paints containing heavy metal, all thanks to in-lab innovation. This year 2023, progress continues thanks to the partnership with Waste2Wear, pioneers in solutions for innovative plastic recycling; they use blockchain technology to offer 100% traceable and sustainable textiles. As part of the sustainability program, "A Positive Mark", the brand will launch a new line of canvases made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, identified with the SUSTAIN label, being the first items in this new Liquitex category. , in the coming months, they will be available in art establishments.

The brand will continue its vision of launching more sustainable materials within its "Professional" range, integrate sustainability practices throughout its activity, and contribute its constant support to the artist community.

Fight of Giants relies on figurative art and the character of the Pink Panther to reclaim the democratic genetics of Pop Art and its proximity to the audience, characteristics of an artistic movement inspired by the aesthetics of everyday life and consumer goods of the time. As a "happening" in the heart of the city of Madrid, Fight of Giants advocates for artistic creation in a context where the aesthetic experience is more exciting and better understood by all audiences.

Sixty years ago, Blake Edwards released in Technicolor one of the most unique feature films of the time, which would not only become part of American culture but also the international comedy universe: "The Pink Panther", whose original title was translated into Spanish as "La Pantera Rosa."

Jaime Sancorlo. Desert Patrol, 2023

In 1963, this comedy-thriller entered the bloodstream of the emerging Pop movement in a New York City experiencing the birth of the "Factory" and the rise of Truman Capote. Just like previous editions of this informal field called Battle of Giants (a "non-gallery," a "non-museum," something more than an exhibition, as defined by its creators Gabriel Suarez and Aleix Gordo), The Pink Panther reappears this time as a timeless character capable of questioning and reclaiming the present through its staging.

Sandra Rojo Picón. No9. Blue Pink, 2023

After obtaining the copyright for its reproduction directly from MGM, the commemoration of the character's sixtieth anniversary brings together thirty giant artists who, struggling together, will visually reflect on their socio-cultural present, their artistic and visual context, and their work, around the figure of the iconic pink character. At the same time, the proposal promotes the revision of the context of art itself, wanting to establish new places for the shared experience between the work of art and the observer, going beyond the apathy of the white cubes or those artistic spaces of restricted access belonging to the past.

Illan Argüello. Más chula que el 8, 2023

In this way and demonstrating the bitter heritage typical of British comedy or "pop art", the film was connected to the impulses of the new artistic exploration that was emerging in the streets of the Big Apple, far from the chromatic and gestural abstraction that had occupied the art scene during the previous decade, with figures such as Mark Rothko, Barnet Newman, Willem de Kooning or Jackson Pollock, and which had also moved away from the gaze of the general public. The New York cultural scene was now moving forward in the hands of the film director towards other paths closer to mass culture and its daily life through humor. In his first solo appearance in the Pink Phink chapter, the Pink Panther establishes a colorful battle against the traditional hegemony of the color blue, using all kinds of tricks and strategies to dye the world with his favorite color. In only six minutes in which we could see pictorial inheritances coming from the chromatic universe of Rothko and other abstract creators, the character is introduced in the culture of the politically incorrect.

Iker Serrano. Space Action Panther,2023

The Pink Panther represents irony, discontent or cynicism, clichés of what we know as "British sense of humor" and will always act, throughout all the short films, as a timeless critic, as an inter-generational and individual being capable of conversing with the general public, regardless of their origin, culture or age.

Mario Soria. Pink Biker,2023

Under the apparent atmosphere of humor and comedy of the new interpretations made by the thirty selected giants, there is a world of diverse readings and messages to be discovered, which will be unveiled by the other fundamental agent of any artistic process: the audience.

Fight of Giants gathers this time thirty individual visions for a collective and close reconstruction of its present, where the general public has been invited to participate with total freedom in this exciting process.

From May 25th to 28th. From 11h to 20h.

📍Hotel ONLY You Barquillo.

C/ del Barquillo, 21. Madrid.