Lecturas: Curated Walkthroughs X Art Madrid.


Lecturas: Curated Walkthroughs X Art Madrid is one of the initiatives that are part of the Parallel Program of the 19th edition of Art Madrid. And it is possible thanks to the collaboration of ONE SHOT HOTELS, one of the official sponsors of Art Madrid'24.

For the occasion, we have invited the cultural mediator Eugenia Tenenbaum and the curator Óscar Manrique to accompany the exhibition proposals of this edition; from their places of enunciation, both curators propose two thematic routes that dialogue on the reality of our social context. The curators have selected a group of works from the wide range of artistic proposals that will be presented in this edition, in order to question, from a critical perspective, how alternative discourses can be built around the issues that permeate the invisible line that separates art and life.

The purpose of Lecturas: Curated Walkthroughs X Art Madrid is to explore contemporary creation as a tool to generate new meanings about the art produced in our context. Each curator has raised a group of questions that serve as a common thread to bring the public closer to manifestations such as painting; or to question the frictions and tensions that can occur between some pieces and others, and how we can connect these sometimes "invisible" relationships in the work of the artists who are part of both itineraries.

The curated walkthroughs will allow participants to approach different artistic styles and perspectives, to recognize the languages with which contemporary art operates in the context of an art fair, and to participate in a mediation initiative that proposes to activate the aesthetic experience transcending mere contemplation.

Approaching art is not only about observing, but also about understanding and connecting with the emotions that the works evoke. With this objective in mind, we propose two thematic itineraries that move away from traditional itineraries and focus on the depth of meaning and narrative behind each work, creating an enriching experience for the public attending Art Madrid'24.


What are the tensions that exist in Art History and in the spaces that inhabit it? In the tour curated by art historian Eugenia Tenenbaum, the notions of "friction" and "tension" are materialized in the possible conversations that can be held between artist and work, spectator and space, art and market. Tensions sometimes of an identitary nature, others of a formal and some of a political nature, this tour aims to open a space for dialogue and reflection on the possibilities of the art market to adjust to the passage of time, to the needs of the population and to the social debates that point to a more just, diverse and inclusive future.


Art historian specialized in gender perspective, Eugenia Tenenbaum is dedicated to cultural diffusion and art criticism in social networks, mainly Instagram and Patreon. As a communicator, she also works as a guide, lecturer and workshop leader on art, feminisms and the impact of gender relations on the creation, reception and dissemination of artistic production in congresses, universities, institutes, museums and other spaces. In 2022 she published her first book, "La mirada inquieta", an essay on art, and in April 2023 her first work of fiction, "Las mujeres detrás de Picasso".

Eugenia Tenenbaum.


Our visual reality is plagued by images that are born, develop and die at a dizzying speed, as we perceive life through screens in which a multitude of meanings are agglomerated in an almost aberrant manner. Painting today has to deal with this "pantallocracy", it has to fight its own battle against this visual monotony, and the answers are as varied as they are stimulating. Much has been said about the crisis of painting that this situation has caused, along with the preference of museums and institutions for other solutions that move away from the canvas in the search for more innovative and political proposals; however, the pictorial fact is still not exhausted, the fairs continue to claim painting and language can continue to surprise us despite being "out of fashion", a fact that in my opinion has been imposed, because as we see in fairs like Art Madrid, painting remains. To this purpose, the tour proposed by Oscar Manrique will analyze the various pictorial solutions born of the desire to renew the discipline, from an expanded painting where traditional formats evolve to other, not so conventional ones, the new figurations influenced by television and the mass media, to others that try to compete with the photographic image or resort to resources as old as trompe l'oeil to dignify human technique before the machine.


Independent curator, critic and art historian specialized in visual studies. His research focuses on an anthropology of the image, studying the metamorphoses that images can undergo in the contemporary world. He also works from an archeology of the present, interested in speaking from the residual, the everyday, or the kitsch; and ultimately from everything that historiography has discarded and that now serves to establish new and diverse readings, especially those that foresee ways to look to the future. He works from an ecology of images, with references to all kinds of culture - plastic, literary, cinematographic, musical... - which leads him to be a faithful defender of current discourses on aesthetics, understanding it as a social construction of visual experience that defends ocular desire as a defining element of being. Since 2023 he directs the curatorial branch of the Ginsberg + TZU gallery (Madrid-Lima), inspired by the ability of art to build bridges and bring borders closer, turning the project into a platform where artists, both emerging and established, can continue to create freely, expanding discourses and presenting new ideas.

Óscar Manrique.

Have you ever noticed the magnificent space that is the Galería de Cristal of Palacio de Cibeles in broad daylight? Did you walk through Art Madrid'24 under the huge glass dome? Do you remember that painting that caught your attention and you couldn't take a picture of it because you didn't want to miss anything of the fair? Would you like to spend 5 minutes in front of that amazing sculpture again? Well, you can do all this and more thanks to our 360º VIRTUAL VISIT!

We invite you to enjoy the experience of living ART MADRID'24 with our 360º VIRTUAL TOUR. Move around every corner of the fair, recover those works of art that you didn't have time to enjoy and discover an art fair in broad daylight from the proximity of a click.

Thanks to COKE RIERA STUDIO and PANOTOUR technology, we bring you the fair in detail. With more than 4,100 photos taken at strategic points of the fair, we offer you a complete panoramic view of our space and the possibility to access each of the participating galleries, get close to the works, admire the height of the glass dome and even get closer to the spaces that surely you have not been able to discover in detail.

We love to share this immersive experience with you. So the BEST OF ALL will be for you to TRY IT and SHARE IT!