Art Madrid, with the support of One Shot Hotels, presents "One Shot Collectors", a Collectors Program integrated into the core of the fair, with the firm commitment to facilitate the public's connection with contemporary art. One Shot Hotels, a young boutique hotel chain with meticulous design and exceptional location in the heart of Spain's most important cities, is sponsoring the One Shot Collectors Program for the fourth edition at Art Madrid'24.

The passion for collecting art can become a true devotion based on various criteria such as historical-artistic, aesthetic, emotional, social or economic. These criteria converge in an aesthetic and personal exercise that moves experienced collectors and new buyers. The act of owning or acquiring a work of art is a complete experience, from getting to know the artist to understanding and sharing the discourse that underlies the work. Building a collection is also perceived as a form of investment in something tangible and secure, with significant potential for future returns. It also plays a key role in supporting the creative economy.

Art Madrid.18ª Edición. Febrero de 2023. Galería de Cristal del Palacio de Cibeles. Imagen cortesía Too Many Flash.

An art collection is something that must evolve gradually, that must be built over time, always based on information according to our interests. The main thing is to enjoy the experience of viewing art, not to feel intimidated, and to trust our taste. But how do we decide what to focus on and in which direction to go? Where do we start? How do we relate one purchase to the next? A good acquisition happens by following your taste, learning to recognize what appeals and interests you, and educating yourself before and during the acquisition process. Collecting can be an emotional journey, a journey of knowledge, with a social or economic background, or simply an aesthetic and personal exercise. That is why it is always a good idea to be accompanied by an advisor when buying art. As well as the recommendation of a gallery that supports and legitimizes the work of art.

The professional advice of an expert is a "safe" and coherent way to make a decision, since the collector, in addition to enhancing and maximizing the quality and value of his collection, also seeks to enrich the buying experience and its enjoyment. In the 19th edition of Art Madrid'24, we will have a space for advice from Ana Suárez Gisbert, art advisor, lawyer and expert appraiser with extensive experience in the art market. This advisory service is designed for experienced collectors, those who are looking for their first art collection, and even for corporate collectors who want to reflect the values of their brand in an art collection. The Art Madrid'24 Collecting Program takes into account the different profiles, needs and preferences, generating a personalized tour and guidance.

Whether due to lack of time or the desire for professional guidance, our Art Advisor will be able to find and prepare a selection of artworks according to the requirements and budget of each buyer, as well as assist in the negotiation process of acquiring a work of art.

IThe beginning of a collection can be motivated by a desire for knowledge and exploration on an aesthetic, social, economic or even business level. From Art Madrid, we encourage collecting for those people and companies that want to bet on patronage and investment. This initiative is aimed at professionals in the sector and enthusiasts of contemporary art who wish to collect for the first time or continue to build their collection. Art Madrid offers a great range of opportunities to acquire works in disciplines such as photography, painting, sculpture or installation, within a wide price range.

Este servicio forma parte del Programa One Shot Collectors y es gratuito para quienes se registren con antelación.

For more information, please send an email to or register for the program with this form:

Have you ever noticed the magnificent space that is the Galería de Cristal of Palacio de Cibeles in broad daylight? Did you walk through Art Madrid'24 under the huge glass dome? Do you remember that painting that caught your attention and you couldn't take a picture of it because you didn't want to miss anything of the fair? Would you like to spend 5 minutes in front of that amazing sculpture again? Well, you can do all this and more thanks to our 360º VIRTUAL VISIT!

We invite you to enjoy the experience of living ART MADRID'24 with our 360º VIRTUAL TOUR. Move around every corner of the fair, recover those works of art that you didn't have time to enjoy and discover an art fair in broad daylight from the proximity of a click.

Thanks to COKE RIERA STUDIO and PANOTOUR technology, we bring you the fair in detail. With more than 4,100 photos taken at strategic points of the fair, we offer you a complete panoramic view of our space and the possibility to access each of the participating galleries, get close to the works, admire the height of the glass dome and even get closer to the spaces that surely you have not been able to discover in detail.

We love to share this immersive experience with you. So the BEST OF ALL will be for you to TRY IT and SHARE IT!