The gallery from Madrid Marita Segovia will exhibit in Art Madrid, a selection of the art work by four artists with different identities and artistic discourses but with clear aesthetic, formal and symbolic connections. Abstraction and geometry define the work of these four contemporary creators: Anke Blaue, Eduardo Martín del Pozo, Lourdes García O'Neill and Manolo Ballesteros.

The colour field paintings is one of the many movements of the American abstract expressionism, its greatest exponent being Mark Rothko. The compositions in the "colour field paintings" are characterized by large flat surfaces combined with colour which different shades of light are played with. The artist Anke Blaue (Germany, 1967), goes beyond the chromatic game and creates, without impediment, a spontaneous communication through the visual effect produced by the inherent characteristic of the material used.

The blues, greens, reds and yellows chosen by Blaue become more solemn as they are embodied on pieces of antique linen, patiently superimposed one on the other, creating compositional lines of extreme subtlety that, together with the granulate characteristic of the fabric, produce a special agitation and sensation of abyss.

Anke Blaue

AB479, 2018

Tela sobre tela

160 x 160cm

Anke Blaue

AB476, 2018

Óleo sobre lino antiguo

130 x 150cm

The colour planes are also a constant in the art work of Manolo Ballesteros (Barcelona, 1965), who usually combines a maximum of two colours in his works. Ballesteros tries to find himself. For him "painting is a way of thinking, it never has a concrete meaning. What it does have is musicality, it tends to spirituality because of the rhythm, the spaces and the tones of colour".

In his gouaches on paper he creates geometric shapes that subtly take over the canvas, creating capricious forms. During the last few years his art work has experimented in the domain of abstraction, playing with geometric complexity through the uniformity of pigments and the reduction of profiles. As a result of these investigations his most recent work reflects the convergence of rounded shapes on monochromatic backgrounds where the viewer is trapped in an energetic and dynamic art.

Manolo Ballesteros

Pajarita, 2019

Gouache on paper

111 x 91cm

Lourdes García O'Neill

Sin Título, 2019

Oil on canvas

192 x 178cm

In the compositions of Lourdes García O'Neil, we see again reminiscences of some artistic tendencies belonging to the American expressionist movement. The artist from Seville, combines in her large format canvases, abstract forms of different colours. Through colour and form, and letting herself be carried away by feeling, in her most recent work she achieves a synthesis that discards any insubstantial element previously contained in it.

In some of García O'Neil's works, the forms are diluted in the plane, moving us to the "blocks of colour" of the American artist Helen Frankenthaler. Without falling into their geometry, her production can suggest Equipo 57 because of the loose and fragmented line.

Eduardo Martín del Pozo

2017.53, 2017

Pigmentos en emulsión acrílica y vinílica sobre papel

94 x 64cm

Eduardo Martín del Pozo (Madrid, 1974) is perhaps the most figurative of the four artists. In some of his works, we find simulated spaces, while in others, such as "2017.53", these spaces fade away and become weightless and imprecise. "2018.24" shows us how Martín del Pozo accentuates the indetermination of the configuration of his work, accentuating the purity and definition of his gesture, which causes it to originate a framework hanging on the surface of the support.

Martín del Pozo's research is based on the relationships that can be established between the plastic arts and other manifestations, specifically music. The artist plays with rhythm, repetition and symmetry as if his works were musical structures.


This 19th edition of Art Madrid stands out for the presence of around two hundred artists and more than a thousand works in a variety of media, a characteristic feature of the exhibition proposals presented by the participating galleries. All of them stand out for their originality, formal quality and correspondence with current artistic trends.

Cultura Inquieta works in the creation and curatorship of cultural content, so for another year, accompany us in this experience to discover talent in all disciplines (painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, art installations...). For the 19th edition, we explore and disseminate art among emerging and established artists and galleries. Art Madrid'24 will take place from March 6 to 10, 2024 at the Galería de Cristal del Palacio de Cibeles. It will be an edition where you can enjoy the contemporary art of the moment in an event full of novelties.

As prescribers of culture and art, Cultura Inquieta works with cultural content for its dissemination, offering specialized communication services, training and disruptive events for companies. They define themselves as the culture of something alive, in constant movement, without fear of feeling alive. A platform that gives space to new voices.

This edition is characterized by its impact on the latest artistic trends. The participating galleries offer the opportunity to see the latest production of some of their artists in the last year; a time of research and reflection with creative results that will have a great impact on the contemporary art market.

Together with Cultura Inquieta, we have prepared a selection of 25 works that we would like to highlight. You will be able to identify them at the fair because each one will have a Cultura Inquieta sticker next to it. We hope you enjoy them.

Together with Cultura Inquieta, we have prepared a selection of 25 works that we especially highlight. At the fair, you will be able to identify them because each one will have a Cultura Inquieta sticker next to it.

We hope you enjoy them!

Junto a Cultura Inquieta hemos preparado una selección de 25 obras que destacamos especialmente. En la feria podréis identificarlas porque cada una llevará al lado una pegatina de Cultura Inquieta.

¡Esperamos que las disfrutéis muchísimo!