Andrés Planas participates for the first time in Art Madrid together with the Mallorcan gallery MA arte contemporáneo. Within the One Project program, curated by Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta and under the title "Salvajes", Andrés Planas will present part of his most recent work, which he has called: "Contracorriente".

"Contracorriente" brings together a selection of works that have formed part of different projects and series carried out by the artist in recent years. Andrés Planas (Palma de Mallorca, 1957), has a long career, participating since 1989, in numerous individual and group exhibitions.

The work of the Mallorcan artist is fundamentally focused on the search for the ironic side of things, playing with concepts such as death, sex, religion or education from a imposed perspective, where these elements are defined by norms of conduct of any society by the stablishment, and under religious or political ideologies that configure a false morality in individuals. And he does not do it, according to the artist _"in a political way, but rather, responding to a personal need, like an exorcism".

Andrés Planas

Paquito, 2015

Técnica mixta madera, plástico, pigmentos, pan de oro y restos biológicos humanos

30 x 17cm

Andrés Planas

BigMac, 2015

Técnica mixta madera, plástico, pigmentos, pan de oro y restos biológicos humanos

40 x 23cm

We see this fierce criticism in some of the works belonging to his series "Identity", from 2015 and "The Twelve Apostles", from 2019. In the pieces of the series "Identity" the artist develops a technique with which he inserts elements such as wood, plastics, pigments, gold leaf and human biological remains, creating then a work in where the found object is decontextualized, changed, disguised and swallowed up with other elements and plastic techniques through which he transmits a totally new and ironic concept. This way he builds a sarcastic message about the strong manipulation of the facto powers in societies.

Colour dominates his creations. Colour in capital letters; a klein blue that makes it its own and impregnates many of his works.

Andrés Planas

Los 12 Apóstoles, 2, 2019

Mixed media

35 x 15cm

In the series "The Twelve Apostles", he presents a personalized iconography of the apostles, with that ironic tone that makes us believe it with absolute vehemence and at the same time we crack a smile. Planas gives us new stories about these characters that have already been historicized for centuries, making them reappear in a new ideology.

Andrés Planas is one of those artists who, despite going against established precepts and maintaining a vital stance often classified as "politically incorrect", has achieved creative independence both from a technical and a thematic point of view, and at the same time, has managed to remain coherent throughout his artistic career.

This project is also accompanied by some pieces from the series "La sonrisa de la calavera " together with an impressive artist's book and other works from the series "Wunderkammer " and "No sex".

Andrés Planas

El obispo de Siguenza, 2015

Técnica mixta madera, plástico, pigmentos, pan de oro y restos biológicos humanos

40 x 23cm

MA is a contemporary art space in Palma de Mallorca that has a full programme of exhibitions (from six to eight every year) of all kinds of artistic manifestations endorsed by the critical eye and criteria of its director, Marisa Aldeguer, also an artist and art historian. Marisa Aldeguer welcomes in her gallery both young artists and creators with consolidated careers. The gallery owner also provides advice on starting a contemporary art collection, always adapting to the taste and budget of the client.

“In MA Arte Contemporáneo we are very interested in spreading the beauty in its multiple facets, in giving to understand that at present there are thousands valid proposals in contemporary art, for that reason MA goes for a truncated line, with ramifications. We are interested in art that moves and touches", the gallery owner points out.


Mónica Egido. Courtesy of the artist.


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Wednesday - March 6 - 19:00h. Galería de Cristal of the Palacio de Cibeles.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a diagnostic label under which people of the same generation suffer high levels of anxiety and stress due to the fear of not complying with everything that society imposes; they live in a constant state of alert that leads to a deterioration of their physical and mental health.

The social demands imposed, together with the maximum development of capitalism, consumerism and productivism at all levels, make us human beings self-imposed to take advantage of every second, forgetting the need to stop, rest, get bored and "not to do".

Still from the FOMO Project. 2023.

This project aims to give visibility to this social problem and create a space for debate to talk about an issue that affects thousands of people. We must ask what is the origin of the desire to be connected to what others are doing at all times, and what are its effects at the individual level, from a neuroscientific and psychological point of view; and what are its effects at the social level, from an anthropological and philosophical point of view.

Vacío reflects on the feeling of dissatisfaction and constant unhappiness suffered by many people of the millennial generation. With this performance, Mónica Egido claims that a profession or career does not define us as people, that we can be mediocre once more, and in general stop filling those "empty" spaces of content and constant experiences, to stop doing and just BEING.

Still from the FOMO Project. 2023.


MÓNICA EGIDO. Salamanca, 1994

Mónica Egido (Salamanca, 1994) is a visual artist with a background in physiotherapy and specialization in neuroscience of chronic pain and obstetrics. She has excelled in the field of photography, being selected for Futures Photography 2023 and awarded a grant by PhotoEspaña. Her work, exhibited in various spaces in Europe, addresses different issues of neuroscience in relation to health, using art as a mechanism for dissemination, as in her latest project FOMO, where she talks about the impact of permanent anxiety on physical and mental health. Her piece Vacío reflects on the feeling of dissatisfaction and unhappiness that many people of the millennial generation suffer from.