Artists Nicolás Laiz Placeres and Alona Harpaz are on show for the first time in Art Madrid, within the Galería ATC from Tenerife, presenting a collection where the wild is created through a space configured by the incursion of the human being in it.

Harpaz merges, over flat coloured backgrounds, expressionists figures and self-portraits mixed with wildlife and flora made with vibrant colours. Therefore, in her paintings, we can see a mixture between the beautiful and the terrifying. On the other hand, Laiz Paredes sculptures, have Nature and Human Being as elements in a disappearance process, mixed with objects which configure the reason of that destruction itself, creating iconic, almost monochromatic, three-dimensional shapes.

Alona Harpaz

I'm not here for your dream, 2019

Acrilico, spray y colores industriales sobre lienzo

140 x 150cm

Nicolás Laiz

Política Natural III, 2018

Resina, fibra de vidrio, aridos y pintura doble componente

80 x 30cm

Alona Harpaz (Tel Aviv, Israel, 1971) represents in her self-portraits botanic and animal patterns, applying a very personal and imaginative colour scheme, using a strong and vibrant brushstroke over, in many cases, merely decorative surfaces. In her work, colours exist by themselves, freely, but also as abstract well-mimicked elements or recognizable symbols. According to her, “perfectly beautiful paintings can also be dreadful”, and political commitment could be added to beauty and dreadfulness, as the critic Elke Buhruna points out. A sample of this could be seen in her work “Frequency Watchers”, which is a self-portrait of the artist riding a motorcycle, alluding to the 90s feminist movement in the United States, as Riot Grrrl and the Bikini Kill band, who combined feminism and pink lipstick. Therefore, her personality includes the political activism of her father (a Labour Zionist) and the artistic taste of her mother (a dancer).

Alona Harpaz

Frequency Watchers, 2018

Acrilico, spray y colores industriales sobre lienzo

80 x 100cm

Nicolás Laiz Placeres (Lanzarote, 1975), in his three-dimensional pieces, creates a confluence using objects of nature and industrial or genuinely pollutant materials, making a dichotomy between them. From this seemingly simple fusion, the artist is able to send a deeply elaborated message, with a critic tone, to a society that has led to overproduction and extreme and dangerous consumerism and, at the same time, using miscellaneous objects from the Isle’s “topic” iconography: shells, rocks and prickly pears blends with plastic bottles, totems and cranial shapes, creating iconic figures with advertising motifs of the extreme natural disaster situation that the Earth is facing. Finally, in a display of constant irony, his sculptures function as magical shapes that heal our status quo.

In the cage, the Alona Harpaz paintings howl next to the totems and fetish which his space partner Nicolás Laiz Placeres has made, mainly from different identity elements of Canary Islands.

Nicolás Laiz

Política Natural I, 2018

Resina, fibra de vidrio, aridos y pintura doble componente

80 x 30cm

Galería ATC located in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, participates for the first time in Art Madrid with an unreleased project, dedicated to these two artists which is forming part of the One Project program, coordinated by the art critic and independent curator Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta, under the theme “Salvajes: la cage aux fauves”.

Galería ATC was founded in 2017 by Elle Przybyla (USA) and Juan Matos Capote (Spain) as a part of the Agencia de Tránsitos Culturales - est. in 2014 -, a platform for multidisciplinar artistic investigation and the promotion of contemporary art. The gallery has an annual program featuring various exposicions of spanish and international artists, working with different media: painting, sculpture, video, photography, installations and sound art. In addition to these expositions, the Gallery arranges performances, conferences and other activities. From Canary Islands, Galería ATC grows dynamic relationships between the fringe and the cultural production centres. Their roots in Spain and USA and their imminent connection to Africa, allow them to operate as a cultural intersection space. Their program reflects the commitment to support artists with plenty of voices and in different moments of their careers.

Galería ATC will present, within the One Project project of Art Madrid, unseen art works by the artists Alona Harpaz and Nicolás Laiz Placeres.


This 19th edition of Art Madrid stands out for the presence of around two hundred artists and more than a thousand works in a variety of media, a characteristic feature of the exhibition proposals presented by the participating galleries. All of them stand out for their originality, formal quality and correspondence with current artistic trends.

Cultura Inquieta works in the creation and curatorship of cultural content, so for another year, accompany us in this experience to discover talent in all disciplines (painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, art installations...). For the 19th edition, we explore and disseminate art among emerging and established artists and galleries. Art Madrid'24 will take place from March 6 to 10, 2024 at the Galería de Cristal del Palacio de Cibeles. It will be an edition where you can enjoy the contemporary art of the moment in an event full of novelties.

As prescribers of culture and art, Cultura Inquieta works with cultural content for its dissemination, offering specialized communication services, training and disruptive events for companies. They define themselves as the culture of something alive, in constant movement, without fear of feeling alive. A platform that gives space to new voices.

This edition is characterized by its impact on the latest artistic trends. The participating galleries offer the opportunity to see the latest production of some of their artists in the last year; a time of research and reflection with creative results that will have a great impact on the contemporary art market.

Together with Cultura Inquieta, we have prepared a selection of 25 works that we would like to highlight. You will be able to identify them at the fair because each one will have a Cultura Inquieta sticker next to it. We hope you enjoy them.

Together with Cultura Inquieta, we have prepared a selection of 25 works that we especially highlight. At the fair, you will be able to identify them because each one will have a Cultura Inquieta sticker next to it.

We hope you enjoy them!

Junto a Cultura Inquieta hemos preparado una selección de 25 obras que destacamos especialmente. En la feria podréis identificarlas porque cada una llevará al lado una pegatina de Cultura Inquieta.

¡Esperamos que las disfrutéis muchísimo!