The One Project program brings in this edition a risky bet: investigate and question the forms and concepts that dominate the art market. Fashions, trends, the imposition of globalization, the mainstream... All of them are elements that make up the flows, institutions and legitimizing actions of professional artistic development.

One Project has evolved since its creation. This is a transversal proposal that in last years step up its position as one of the fundamental pillars of the fair. Art Madrid wanted to go one step further to celebrate its 15th edition and expand and transform it into a space for dialogue and confrontation that includes a greater number of participating artists working from a different perspective to understand contemporary creation.

Julio Anaya

Edouard Vuillard - Jarrón de flores, 2019

Acrílico sobre cartón

56 x 57cm

Virginia Rivas

Sentir, 2018

Acrylic and graphite on canvas

162 x 130cm

One of the great innovations of One Project is the incorporation of the critic and curator Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta that under the enigmatic title of "Salvajes. La cage aux fauves" presents a selection of 9 artists who will exhibit their work in a differentiated space of symbiosis, stimulation, contact and friction.

Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta makes his proposal classic starting dichotomy that existed between the great official salons and those creators who subverted the state of the question, either from their convoluted participation in them or by generating new alternative devices such as independent or des refusés salons.

Alona Harpaz

Art in America, 2019

Acrilico, spray y colores industriales sobre lienzo

70 x 100cm

In spite of dynamics of the art market to which a contemporary art fair is subject, Art Madrid is committed to have a space for research and reflection to give visibility to artists who are on the way of creation autonomously and personally without responding directly to the majority guidelines. Artists who travel through their own, unusual spaces and who resist being part of the globalisation.

From the visible questioning made by Julio Anaya of classical painting to the investigation of colour and his perception according to the emotional, social and political state that Virginia Rivas performs. Also through the collection and reconstruction that Roberto López creates to make us visible the consumerism and mega-production to which we are exposed without pause for digestion.


Avatar Cowboy, 2017

Tela sobre fibra de vidrio y resina

150 x 30cm


Avatar El Elegido, 2016

Tela sobre fibra de vidrio y resina

150 x 30cm

The artists of One Project generate this analogy with the classic halls that now travel from academics and stand on trends that create apparent success guidelines without depth discursive.

Itineraries that run out of the usual and conventional without leaving indifferent as to the work of Andrés Planas where converges primitive art, especially Africans, with sex, with excesses, with taboos, with violence and with death, with religion and against the church, against repressive teaching.

Andrés Planas

Los 12 Apóstoles, 2019

Mixed media

35 x 15cm

The audience can observe a creation-destruction dialogue, with respect but without fear, with irreverence, without formality to give space to resistance. Transgress beauty as the artist Alona Harpaz or transit in magical spaces between nature and the human through the sculpture of Nicolás Laiz Placeres.

Alona Harpaz

Betty Blue, 2019

Acrílico y spray sobre lienzo

100 x 80cm

Nicolás Laiz

Política Natural I, 2018

Resina, fibra de vidrio, aridos y pintura doble componente

80 x 30cm

Art is a place of meeting and life, the magic of creation is deposited in a calm look of the environment as Santiago Palenzuela do with his spatula or by focusing on the current way of life between superficiality and imposture, between the psychic and the genuine as Juan Carlos Batista does with his images.

Juan Carlos Batista

Psicopaisaje II, 2015

Impresión digital en papel de algodón

60 x 77cm

Santiago Palenzuela

Ola, 2019

Oil on canvas

200 x 200cm

One Project is a program where there is also space for the fusion between classical art and urban art like the duo PichiAvo creating a new conceptual language handy for a heterogeneous audience.


Orphical Hymn III to Nike, 2019

Mixed media on canvas

120 x 90cm


Suncityboy. Courtesy of the artist.


It is always difficult to create one's own universe, this complication increases when this universe is populated by characters known and recognized by all, who are part of the imagination of many, inventing on what already exists is doubly difficult. Suncityboy (Tver, Russia, 1984) has invented a world inhabited by fairy tale characters and cultural icons who share a common denominator: they are formed by small balls that assemble an impossible body with an emoji face and, despite the initial strangeness, immediately evoke empathy and familiarity.

Color overflows all its scenes and we meet Alice in Wonderland (or more precisely in Suncityboy's country), Dorothy in OZ, the seven dwarfs a bit changed or even a very particular interpretation of Vermeer's "Milkmaid". But they all stop being them to enter a new life where humor, irony, acidity and a huge dose of energy renew our view on things, theoretically very seen. From Marilyn to the birth of Venus, everything is susceptible to be "rounded" and to provoke a smile in us. If we have to choose between the angry emoji or the smiley emoji, his works will make us send the smiley emoji, and that is to be appreciated.

Aliceâs Adventures in Wonderland.Tinta y témpera sobre papel.2023.

How would you define your art in one word? Or better in an emoji.

It’s joy.

What is your favorite emoji?

This smiley (the artist points towards a painting behind himself).

What are the requirements for the characters of stories or famous works that you endow with a new life? What should they suggest to you or how do they reach you?

My characters are funny, many of them want to get into my pictures. From the world of Plato's ideas, heroes go to different outdoors, but almost all of them want to get to me. They take a turn and they are waiting for me to capture them. Not all of them, of course, because I'm a very busy person. I create new meanings for the characters: they stop living in everyday life. I think they are much more interested in the spherical world than in their non-spherical world. I can say, sure, I don't force anyone. If the hero doesn't like it, I don't keep him. I respect their rights.

Svinedrengen. Gouache on paper. 2023.

Why the spherical, the round?

The sphere is a symbol of the universe. We all encounter spheres and circles in everyday life. Circles and spheres are the main form of my paintings. These are the stars in the sky, the atoms from which everything is made, and even money, the coins with which we pay took their form in the process of evolution, because everything tends towards the sphere. My task is to speak the language of spherism, to promote this knowledge to the people.

It was not for nothing that Hokusai wrote in his lost letter to Hiroshige on the road from Rome to Edo to Kyoto, "Suncityboy, if the future embodiment of world spherism, the personification of modernism through imaginism.”

The letter was stolen from his workshop because it had value for world culture.

Do we take everything too seriously?

The seriousness of our world is evidenced by the constant dispute of objects and forms in composition. We must understand that everything is much more serious than we think. There is a constant confrontation between forms. Circles have always competed with triangles for the main rights in composition. We see this in the images of ancient Egypt. Then they were joined by squares. A square character often creeps into my paintings. He tries to dispute the spherical harmony. But, to his great regret, he makes the composition more successful. You just have to look for it.

Amazons. Gouache on paper. 2023.

Drama or comedy?

The subjects of the paintings of spherical imaginism show the relationship of particles, shapes, and ideas. Characters can be both the meaning and the category of cognition. This is similar to the metamorphosis of temporary spatial transformations, when a character becomes an object and nature becomes a thing. This is the drama of the works. But at the same time, it's also comical because of this metaphor.

Roof Girls. Gouache on paper. 2023.

What role does music play in your creative process, I understand it is important.

Music is a circle of vinyl. It penetrates into all beings like neutrinos. Without music, it's difficult to achieve a good result. If you don't have a music player, you need to add something of yourself with your inner feeling.

You can imagine yourself with a large cello or saxophone. Music is the building material of creativity. In my case, these are bright-colored construction balls. Sometimes they turn into caramels.

Where is your art going (You can answer with an emoji if you wish) 😉

My art is moving into the future. It looks like a large spherical airplane. On board are my favorite heroes. I will appear as captain sometime during the flight. I walk between the isles and serve them drinks and treats. I think you can see this for yourself.

Thank you very much, Carlos. 😉