Jorge Hernández

Jorge Hernández | Lucky Cat

Jorge Hernández

Lucky Cat, 2022

Acrílico y resina sobre tabla

90 x 80 cm

Aurora Vigil-Escalera

Gijón, España


about Jorge Hernández

Huelva, 1973

Jorge Hernandez's paintings depict scenes inspired by pop art and classic Hollywood with great compositional talent and a clear narrative intent. Characters decked out in vintage costumes populate vast landscapes and modern architectures wrapped in an air of mystery reminiscent of film noir and directors like Hitchcock and Kubrick. Hernandez's ability to confront decontextualized elements with the use of established canons leads the viewer to imagine an entire story within the frozen moment he or she is contemplating. The use of a glossy resin to cover the paint gives the final painting a timeless, slow-moving, almost dreamlike appearance. His most recent series is characterized by the use of monochrome backgrounds in which the artist gives prominence to his pigments and resins, and introduces a single of his recognizable figures submerged in the center as a diver but, in his usual game of contrasts and similarities, the googles the character is wearing are for virtual reality.

about the artist's works

The canvases of Jorge Hernandez collect narrative iconographies of cinematic reminiscences. They include American cinema noir, Hitchcockian suspense and direct references to directors such as Kubrick.  Each work, like a frame, tells a story and the resinous patina that covers them encapsulates the scenes, giving them timelessness and a certain mystery. Jorge constantly investigates the human condition in his work, exploring the possibilities of pop aesthetics and the influence that prominent figures such as Hopper and Hockney have had on his work. To do so, he appropriates an imagination taken mainly from social networks and whose findings he captures, in a single frame, through intimate stories full of decontextualizations, blurs and cinematographic shots that are disconcerting but at the same time, suggestive and attractive.

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