Luis Miguel Rico

“My workshop is full of materials that are familiar to all of us due to their use in the field of Fine Arts, among which I highlight papers that I dye previously for later manipulation. All of them, appear randomly on my work table, add to my problems of composition, which I try to solve directly on the support of the work.

In this act of composing, for me it is essential that those materials that I use and arrange on the surface, connect and come to have a unitary meaning, giving rise during the creative process to the non-renunciation of my work as a playful way for the creation and production of my works. Parallel to my collage work, I present a series of works where I exclusively use the medium of painting. With them, I generate a series of forms, which maintain a certain link with my collage structures. I use spots of broken colors and other more saturated colors where the density of the paint, more or less liquid, also plays an important role”

These stain structures are simple in outline and try to have a spatial sense close to the work that I create with my work on paper; superposition of planes, whose form is integrated on top of the previous one, or not, allowing the viewer to understand the different work processes that the creation of each of the works goes through.

Luis Miguel Rico

ST, 2022

Oleo sobre lienzo

150 x 114cm


What inspires you when you create?

When I create, I am inspired by any element that gives me strength in color, for example a sunset, a walk along the seashore or nature itself. When the whole issue of confinement happened to us, I was out in the street again, I am lucky to live near the countryside and I saw the blooming of spring, that strength, those colors, the shapes that reached me much more.

¿En qué has estado trabajando recientemente?

Recientemente he estado trabajando en composiciones partiendo de la base del collage, que son abstracciones geométricas, siempre ligadas un poco a la naturaleza y a la forma orgánica, y sobre todo la superposiciones de planos, unos más quebrados otros más saturados, buscando siempre la composición armónica.

Luis Miguel Rico

Sin título, 2021

Oil on canvas

150 x 120cm

What have you been working on recently?

Recently I have been working on compositions based on collage, which are geometric abstractions, always linked to nature and organic form, and especially the overlapping of planes, some more broken, others more saturated, always looking for a harmonious composition.

What do you expect from your participation in Art Madrid?

From my participation in Art Madrid I hope to make myself known to a wider and more specialized public, deal with other artists and generate some kind of synergy with them, maybe some collaboration and enjoy the experience.

Luis Miguel Rico

ST, 2022

Oleo sobre lienzo

150 x 120cm

How did you come to this type of work?

Through experimenting with different materials and supports, ideas came up, sometimes I put them aside and other times I took them as good, and other times what I had discarded at the end have come back again and I'm applying it again.

What do you intend to convey with your work?

When I see a work of art I feel a lot of emotion, in the end the good thing about the artist is that he is able to transfer the emotion to a pictorial work, or whatever it is. So from my humble state, I try to transmit part of what I feel, when creating a work, to the viewer.

Luis Miguel Rico participates at Art Madrid with Gärna Gallery, alongside with Fernando de Ana, Hayden Rearik, Lucia Gorostegui y Lars Zech

Art Madrid Contemporary Art Fair announces the application for its 19th edition to be celebrates from March 6th to 10th, 2024, as part of the already consolidated Madrid Contemporary Art Week, at the Galería de Cristal of the Palacio de Cibeles. Galleries interested in participating can send their applications until September 29th, 2023.

In a privileged location such as the Galería de Cristal of the Palacio de Cibeles, Art Madrid consolidates every year a greater number of public (more than 22,000 visitors in each of its last six editions) and new collectors interested in participating in such a long-awaited appointment with contemporary art.

Partial view of Art Madrid. Contemporary Art Fair. 18th Edition. 2023

Art Madrid is a fair that defines itself as a proposal close to the public and the reality of the contemporary art world; aware of the future challenges and the positive impact of initiatives like its own, it returns in each of its editions, betting on the most current artistic production. With this commitment, Art Madrid develops a program of activities that takes place throughout the month of February, designed for all audiences, with the purpose of contributing to the dissemination, reflection and enhancement of contemporary art with a broad participation of institutions and cultural agents. A key mission for Art Madrid is to continue generating a market and promoting national and international collecting in the context of Madrid's art week.

Art Madrid is a multidisciplinary fair model with the participation of around 40 national and international galleries that work with painting, sculpture, graphic art, photography, digital art and video art of recent production (21st century). Art Madrid'24 presents a general program for galleries specialized in contemporary art and a parallel program of activities that will remain active throughout the month of February.

Partial view of Art Madrid. Contemporary Art Fair. 18th Edition. 2023. Photo courtesy of Paola Becerra. Too Many Flash.


General Program

The general program of Art Madrid'24 continues to be the main focus of the fair and is starred by the national and international galleries that participate in each edition of the fair, a number that ranges between 35 and 40 exhibitors. The proposal of galleries that make up the fair's general program has its own distinctive stamp; it is versatile, risky and covers a wide spectrum that includes both young and established galleries.

Special Program

The parallel program of Art Madrid'24 will once again be the be a special section. that accompanies our event with the intention of reflecting and putting art in function of the problems that define our most immediate context. Our next edition will be structured around a Call for Entries and Performance Program; a Program of Artistic Residencies; the Lecturas Program: Tours curated by Art Madrid. And the Special Section: OPEN BOOTH X ART MADRID dedicated to digital art projects.

Collectors Program

Art Madrid'24 collector's program returns in the next edition of the fair with the commitment to continue building bridges to bring the public closer to contemporary art and to promote collecting at a national and international level. With the collaboration of Ana Suarez Gisbert as Art Advisor, Art Madrid will offer an advisory service for galleries, with special attention to newly incorporated galleries. The advisory service is also aimed at the public who visit our fair with the intention of starting in the world of art collections or those interested in receiving professional advice to expand their collections with the acquisition of artworks in Art Madrid.

New Entries Program

Art Madrid'24's new exhibitor support program will be aimed at the new galleries that will participate in our 19th edition. Through a tailor-made communication pack, new entries to the fair will be presented and given special visibility.

Partial view of Art Madrid. Contemporary Art Fair. 18th Edition. 2023. Photo courtesy of Paola Becerra. Too Many Flash.


Art Madrid joins forces with institutions, companies and firms to support artistic creation and gallery work at the fair itself through the awarding of various prizes. For the 19th edition of Art Madrid, the following awards have been granted to both galleries and artists:

Best Booth Award Award that will be articulated around the gallery with the best stand set up at the fair.

Revelation Artist Award Our sponsors, within their line of action to promote contemporary art, will provide a prize to one of the revelation artists participating in the fair.

Relevant Information:

Applications to participate in the fair will be sent to the following email address:

Applications will be received by the Art Madrid organization until September 29th, 2023.