Carmen Pastrana

Carmen Pastrana | Ensimismados #23

Carmen Pastrana

Ensimismados #23, 2022

Oil on canvas

38 x 55 cm

about Carmen Pastrana

Madrid, 1967

Carmen Pastrana graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid in 1994, with a scholarship in Segovia. In 1999 she moved to New York for a period of eight years, making several exhibitions in that city, among which include her solo exhibitions at Fish Tank Gallery, Penalver Studio and White Box Gallery. In 2007 he received a grant from NYArts to work in his studios in Beijing. At the end of his stay in China he returns to Madrid where he works in his studio at the Art Center El Jacalito. In Spain he has held numerous exhibitions, including solo exhibitions Fear (Bilkin Gallery, Bilbao), Siono (Sala El Brocense, Cáceres), La invasión de los dragones (La Casa Rosa Gallery, Malaga), Nicethingtosay (BAT Alberto Cornejo Gallery, Madrid), Sin Darnos Cuenta (MA Contemporary Art Gallery, Palma de Mallorca) or the last one, held at the METRO Gallery in Santiago de Compostela. In 2013 he participated in the Biennial of Southern Panama, making a mural of 20×8 meters in the Cathedral Square of that city. Throughout her career she has been awarded in several national painting competitions, among which the Casimiro Sáinz , the Certamen de Artes Plásticas El Brocense, El Salón de Otoño de Madrid, La Fundación Amigos de Madrid, La Fundación Antonio Camuñas.Y has been a finalist in numerous of them. He has participated with different galleries in Art Fairs such as Arco, Artmadrid, Estampa, Justmadrid and Reddot Art Fair (Miami) His work is present in both private and institutional collections, among these are the Diputación de Cáceres, The David Dawes Nee Foundation, the Antonio Camuñas Foundation, the Friends of Madrid Foundation, the El Corte Inglés Collection, the Air Force, the City Council of León, the City Council of Reinosa, the City Council of Chinchón, the City Council of Colmenar Viejo, the City Council of Castillo de San Fernando and the City Council of Elda.

about the artist's works

The Platonic space of the pure idea serves Carmen Pastrana as a powerful framework to achieve effects of a refined and artificial compositional subtlety, that is clear, but it is also presented as a projection screen of suggestions or indeterminate contexts that the viewer will have to build itself.

Oscar Alonso Molina

Carmen Pastrana's work moves between painting and drawing. It usually uses a neutral and unreal background that acts as an insulator. In most cases, white is the colour you use for backgrounds. Aseptically deposit the different elements and check how, by cancelling the background noise, they are redefined. These compositional amalgams produce paradoxical encounters that frequently function as aggression to the possible. Somehow, these are visual metaphors open to reinterpretation and seek to establish connections between the real and the fictional, without lacking humour, illusion and fantasy.

Other works of the exposition Art&Collect

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Grafito sobre papel Arches 300gr satinado

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Larry Otoo | Profile Sparkle

Larry Otoo

Profile Sparkle, 2020

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Laura Nieto | Lugares inmutables I

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Lugares inmutables I, 2022

Óleo y spray sobre papel

40 x 30 cm

David Delgado Ruiz | [ #Life_in_Mars ] Star Travel Blogger

David Delgado Ruiz

[ #Life_in_Mars ] Star Travel Blogger, 2021

Fotografía Analógica-Digital. Papel Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra

50 x 50 cm

Diego Benéitez | Sin título

Diego Benéitez

Sin título, 2021

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Nélio Saltão | Casa de campo

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Casa de campo, 2022

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Elvira Carrasco | Floating

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Floating, 2018

Impresión digital sobre plexiglas

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Horacio Silva | Sin título II

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Sin título II, 2022

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61 x 46 cm

Cristina Gamón | Umbrales sección III

Cristina Gamón

Umbrales sección III, 2022

Técnica mixta sobremetacrilato de corte macizo y de color

20 x 20 x 2 cm

Jaime Sicilia | Wald

Jaime Sicilia

Wald, 2021

Aguafuerte sobre papel 100% mulberry hecho a mano. Edición 60 .

70 x 140 cm

Elvira Carrasco | Atlante

Elvira Carrasco

Atlante, 2018

Impresión digital sobre plexiglas

100 x 74 cm

Iván Baizán | Sin título

Iván Baizán

Sin título, 2021

Acrílico serigrafiado sobre poliestireno y papel

50 x 70 x 8 cm

Carlos Cartaxo | Green

Carlos Cartaxo

Green, 2021

Oil on canvas

22 x 16 cm

Juanjo Martínez Cánovas | Fingere I

Juanjo Martínez Cánovas

Fingere I, 2022

Grafito sobre papel Arches 300gr satinado

18 x 26 x 3 cm

Perceval Graells | Herida cosida

Perceval Graells

Herida cosida, 2022

Óleo y hilo cosido sobre lienzo.

80 x 60 cm

Prince Galla Gnohité | Fils de la Nature

Prince Galla Gnohité

Fils de la Nature, 2020

Acrílico y pigmentos naturales sobre tela

84 x 60 cm

Laura Nieto | Lugares inmutables II

Laura Nieto

Lugares inmutables II, 2022

Óleo y spray sobre papel

40 x 39 cm

Federico Granell | Un bel di vedremo

Federico Granell

Un bel di vedremo, 2022

Acuarela sobre papel en Moleskine

33 x 42 cm

Fidia Falaschetti | Happy me

Fidia Falaschetti

Happy me, 2019

Resin coated with coloured aluminium

18 x 18 x 13 cm

Sofía Areal | Coração e Noite

Sofía Areal

Coração e Noite, 2010

Técnica Mixta sobre papel

23 x 28 cm

Iván Prieto | Hinchable II

Iván Prieto

Hinchable II, 2022

Glazed ceramic and acrylics

45 x 35 x 34 cm

Carlos Barão | Sin Título

Carlos Barão

Sin Título, 2022

Mixed technique on canvas

52 x 50 cm

Marc Sparfel | TRP3

Marc Sparfel

TRP3, 2021

Madera y pintura

46 x 15 x 12 cm

Nicolás Lisardo | Scrap Metal “Renaissance”

Nicolás Lisardo

Scrap Metal “Renaissance”, 2020

Técnica mixta sobre madera y metal

60 x 60 x 4 cm

Alex Pallí Vert | Transfers 11

Alex Pallí Vert

Transfers 11, 2022

Mixed media on canvas

50 x 30 cm

Costa Gorel | After the shower

Costa Gorel

After the shower, 2022

Oil on canvas

80 x 70 cm

Carlos Cartaxo | Límite

Carlos Cartaxo

Límite, 2021

Oil on canvas

20 x 16 cm

Marta Aguirre | Garden 14

Marta Aguirre

Garden 14, 2022

Acrílico y ceras sobre lienzo

92 x 73 cm

Francesca Poza | País de nieve

Francesca Poza

País de nieve, 2022

Papel Hanhemülhe de 300 grs. y tarlatana

50 x 50 cm

Marc Sparfel | TRP2

Marc Sparfel

TRP2, 2021

Madera y pintura

46 x 17 x 16 cm

Xurxo Gómez-Chao | El turbante rojo

Xurxo Gómez-Chao

El turbante rojo, 2022

Giclée en papel de algodón Hahnemühle 300 g

45 x 36 cm

KYM C | Kwall smp B A1


Kwall smp B A1, 2020

Exaduro cerámico con hidroimpresión. Pintura acrílica.

20 x 20 x 20 cm

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